Introduction to Teaching

Introduction to Teaching

Introduction to Teaching is a 2-year CATE Program for students interested in teaching and education fields.

Under this Program lies three in depth courses to prepare students for working with children from birth to 2nd grade.

These courses include: Introduction to Early Childhood, Early Childhood Education 1, and Early Childhood 2.

Early Childhood & Early Childhood Education 1:

These are both semester long classes, and will be completed in the first year a student is in the Early Childhood Program. They entail Career and professional options in the field, Developmentally Appropriate Practices for educators, Safe and healthy learning environments, as well as lesson plan development. Students also enjoy taking care of the Real Care infant Simulators during this year.

Early Childhood 2:

This Course is taught only during the students second year in the program. The second year students focus more on putting the skills they learned in their first year into action. This is done through internships at local day care centers, as well as through their Endorsements. Students gain Pediatric Safety, CPR, and First Aid certifications. Students who successfully complete this 2 year program are then eligible for the South Carolina Childcare Credential and can begin working in Early Childhood Facilities.


Why you should choose Early Childhood Education program at ACE?

  • Because we are ALWAYS discovering and ACTIVELY learning.
  • You WILL BE MORE THAN Ready to take on the AMAZINGLY REWARDING Teaching field!!!

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