Barbering/Master Hair Care

Barbering / Master Hair Care

I am Craig Cylear,

Barbering / Master Hair Care instructor at ACE

I would like to introduce you into my program:

The Barbering / Master Hair Care Program is a 3 year program.

Program Description: The Master Hair Care Specialist / Barbering Program help prepare students to become a licensed Master Hair Care Specialist or a Registered Barber. Students will perform techniques and arts such as hair cutting and styling, facial treatments, trimming and shaving of facial hair, chemical hair relaxing, tinting, coloring, shampooing and rinsing.

Barbering I: Consist of the orientation to barbering and the science of barbering.

Barbering II: Consist of the professional barbering, advanced barbering services, and the business of barbering.

Program Requirements: Students must have a high school transcript to show proof of completion of at least the ninth grade, have proof of eligibility with a valid SC Id or a valid SC permit or driver’s license, take a tuberculosis test with negative results, complete the SC barber permit application, and purchase a barbering kit required for the program.

Upon completion of the 1500 course hours, the students will be eligible to take the SC Barber Board Written and Practical Exam to receive a license.